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Age - Are you looking for a puppy, a young dog, adult, or senior? Each is wonderful and comes with its own specific requirements. Puppies are fun but a ton of work. Young dogs will need serious training. And an adult dog is not necessarily, but most likely set his ways. Senior dogs are just that...senior.
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Did you finish the story? It is important that you make sure you have completely ended your story (unless it's a series, of course). Don't leave your readers hanging. Answer all their questions. Fulfill all their desires. Wrap up all the loose ends. Have a clear ending.
lkq At this point, I'm a little concerned but decide to take my foot off the brake, which by the way, was the key to starting the car - you have to have your foot on the brake to do anything with this little hybrid Prius (the woman at the exit stand on the lot was very clear about that bit of information and it would have helped to have known that when I got to the car, instead of as I was leaving the lot and already had the struggle of getting the car started). The car is now moving forward, which at this point I think is a good thing, as I'm finally moving and headed toward my friend's house, later than I expected.
You have to make sure that what ever you go after you market it to the right demographics. If you're selling retirement property then you probably wouldn't want to advertise at the local college. Or if you are selling roller blades then the retirement homes probably wouldn't work either. There are some products that crossover to different generations like books and CDs. You still have to aim these at a certain audience because there are many different types of books and music. The biggest thing about niche marketing is writing your articles exactly for the people that you want to sell to.
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pick a part Or - and this is important too - make sure you see your puppy in his or her litter before you choose. You should also try to see the father and the mother dog if you can - although with the father dog this is not always possible.
Looking online is easy. The sites are vast that will have many parts that you need. Your most difficult task will be finding the sight that will become your favorite. Bookmark a few that are appealing to you after visiting them so you know where to find them again.