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At night, when you sleep, be cautious. Sleeping with your back down is the easiest way to keep pain at bay. At all costs do not sleep on your stomach.
My wife and I both have suffered from severe Back pain. We have gone to physical therapy and to chiropractors and have learned that doing daily back exercises and walking was crucial to the health of our backs.
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You can even string up some holiday lights in there to shift it out of your normal businesslike gotta-get-to-work mood. Every holiday that rolls around seems to bring with it a selection of specially-themed lights; if you wait until after the holiday you can pick up your light strings at bargain prices.
In a similar fashion depression can cause you all types of Sleep Problems. On one hand you might sleep too much or the depression can easily keep you from getting comfortable enough to fall asleep.
Keeping your head elevated may not be enough to stop the snoring. You also should avoid sleeping on your back. This can be done by using pillows, click through the up coming web page, around your body so you can't roll over. You may even try sewing a tennis ball to the back of your pajamas so if you do roll over it will wake you up and you can move back to the proper position. Hypnosis can also help - as a professional can give you suggestions while you are hypnotized to help you stay sleeping on your side.
Exercise: Strong exercise too late in the evening will also have a negative effect you will need time to wind down Light to moderate exercise may help you to feel tired.