WASHINGTON Nike Air Max 90 VT Suomi , May 12 (Xinhua) -- A pair of two American astronauts on Friday carried out the 200th spacewalk at the International Space Station despite an early equipment glitch that delayed and shortened the mission.
During the spacewalk, Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer of NASA "successfully replaced a large avionics box that supplies electricity and data connections to the science experiments," the U.S. space agency said in a statement.
The astronauts also completed additional tasks to install a connector that will route data to a device called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, repair insulation at the connecting point of the Japanese robotic arm, and install a protective shield on the Pressurized Mating Adapter-3 Nike Air Max 90 Utility Suomi , which will host a new international docking port for the arrival of commercial crew spacecraft.
It's the ninth spacewalk for Whitson, who already holds the U.S. record for most spacewalks by a female astronaut, and the first for Fischer.
The spacewalk began at 9:08 a.m. EDT (1308 GMT), about one hour after the planned start time, and ended at 1:21 p.m. EDT (1721 GMT).
NASA decided to shorten the mission from the original six and a half hour plan Nike Air Max 90 EZ Suomi , due to a glitch during earlier spacewalk preparations.
The problem involved "a small water leak" in a service and cooling umbilical (SCU) that charges up Fischer's spacesuit, so Whitson and Fischer had to share one SCU.
"This was not a leak in Fischer's suit," NASA said. "The sharing of the SCU resulted in additional draw in battery power from the suits during preparations while in the Equipment Lock, reducing the battery power available for use during the spacewalk."
Spacewalkers have now spent a total of 1,247 hours and 55 minutes working outside the station during 200 spacewalks in support of assembly and maintenance of the orbiting laboratory Nike Air Max 2018 Suomi , NASA said.
The first spacewalk was conducted on Dec. 7, 1998, by NASA astronauts Jerry Ross and Jim Newman during a mission by the now-retired space shuttle Endeavour, during which the two completed attaching and outfitting of the first two components of the station, the Russian Zarya module and the U.S. Unity module.
Xi proposes advancing China-Ethiopia ties
China welcomes Mongolia to actively participate in Belt and Road construction
Media center of Belt and Road Forum put into operation in Beijing
Xinhua Nike Air Max 90 Musta Suomi , UNAIDS agree to deepen cooperation
Chinese submersible explores turbidity current in South China Sea
Straw art gala held in E China's Shandong
Xinjiang Int'l Grand Bazaar held in Urumqi, NW China
8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing
WASHINGTON, Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday issued two final rules requiring that calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards in chain restaurants, similar retail food establishments and vending machines as part of the country's efforts to fight obesity.
"Americans eat and drink about one-third of their calories away from home," FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said in a statement. "These final rules will give consumers more information when they are dining out and help them lead healthier lives."
According to the FDA Nike Air Max 96 Suomi , the menu labeling rules apply to restaurants and similar retail food establishments if they are part of a chain of 20 or more locations, doing business under the same name and offering for sale substantially the same menu items.
More specifically, the menu labeling rules cover sit-down and fast-food restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and restaurant-type foods in certain grocery and convenience stores.
The rules also cover take-out and delivery foods such as pizza Nike Air Max Deluxe Suomi , foods purchased at drive-through windows or places of entertainment such as movie theaters or foods that you serve yourself from a salad or hot-food bar, as well as alcoholic drinks such as cocktails when they appear on menus.
The FDA said the rules have the flexibility to enable multi- serving dishes like pizza to be labeled by the slice rather than as a whole pie.
Meanwhile, seasonal menu items offered for sale as temporary menu items, daily specials and condiments for general use typically available on a counter or table are exempt from the labeling requirements.
Calorie information on menus and menu boards will need to be clearly displayed and cannot be in smaller type than the name or price of the menu item, the FDA said. For salad bars and buffets Nike Air Max 2019 Suomi , the calorie information must be displayed on signs near the foods.
Restaurants and similar retail food establishments have one year and vending machine operators have two years to comply with the menu labeling requirements, the U.S. agency added.
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